Shaft Journal Repair and Clamp Shell 

This process is a great way to refurbish bearing diameters and shaft ends that have been worn down. The machine used is very easy to handle and has a very quick setup time. One method of machining is to bolt it to the end of the shaft which allows the machine to rotate the bar around the shaft with the bar feeding outwards. The other method of machining is where the machine clamps on any location of the outside diameter of the shaft. The machine then rotates around the shaft and feeds within the clamping blocks. Both machines are great when your part is not able to be disassembled with ease or is just way too large and costly to remove from the site.

We have also used the clamp shell turning device. This machine will clamp on the outside of the diameter of a shaft, but the range of feed is usually less than the other two methods. Though the feed option isn’t diverse, the machine is extremely rigid. Great for weld preps or machine radius in corner of a flange and shaft.Your content goes here. 


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