Line Boring

No matter what industry you are in, if your equipment has moving parts, chances are some bores simply must be in line for the machine to operate properly. It is common to find that bearing bores are worn from years of operation – even when the machine has been properly maintained. The simple fact is that well designed and properly maintained machines that operate day after day, year after year eventually need to be restored to operate properly.

Flange Facing

IMS brings experience in faced flanges in various locations: steam-powered facilities, food processing plants, hydroelectric and many other industries in Canada and the United States. Our expertise includes experience in running all sizes of flange facers from Climax Portable tooling, as well as their largest circular mill the CM 6200.


IMS has undertaken some large refurbishments. We have the expertise and equipment to handle any size job, from motor and gearbox alignment to undertaking a large overhaul in a mill. We also have the ability and expertise to rebuild gearboxes on-site or in the shop, including removal and installation.

Machine Shop

Inline Machine solutions have recently set up shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The shop is in a prime location on the North Perimeter at 2476 Wenzel Street unit 202. The facility can handle any medium size project. Bring your machine to us and we will get it working for you!

Shaft Journal Repair and Clamp Shell

This process is a great way to refurbish bearing diameters and shaft ends that have been worn down. The machine used is very easy to handle and has a very quick setup time. One method of machining is to bolt it to the end of the shaft which allows the machine to rotate the bar around the shaft with the bar feeding outwards. The other method of machining is where the machine clamps on any location of the outside diameter of the shaft. The machine then rotates around the shaft and feeds within the clamping blocks. Both machines are great when your part is not able to be disassembled with ease or is just way too large and costly to remove from the site.

On site Milling and Drilling

The on site milling machine is a great machine to have on site for when your parts are imbedded in concrete or are too large to remove from site. IMS has machined sole plates in hydroelectric plants, bed ways for roller frames in metal rolling mills, vertical rotor key slots on a rotor spider, as well as in a 10000-ton press bed frame. 

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