IMS has a machine shop located at Unit 202 – 2476 Wenzel Street. The machine shop is equipped with machinery to service any medium size project. The swing capacity on our biggest lathe is 36-inch diameter over the gape and roughly 16 feet long. IMS’s biggest milling machine can mill 16 inches wide and 5 feet long. The machine shop is also equipped with a 100-ton press. It is continually investing in additional equipment and machine tools to include new technology and continue to develop innovative techniques to better serve our customer’s needs!

Inline Machine Soulutions

With the addition of the machine shop, IMS can manufacture and fabricate any fixturing needed to make your onsite job as steady and efficient as possible. IMS has the knowledge, the experience as well as the expertise to run any machine (eg: climax portable machine tools) which allows it to get the job done anywhere.

What we’ve done

IMS has machined a variety of components in many different industries including mining, hydroelectric, wind power, food processing plants, oil, and gas, as well as construction.

The president of IMS, Ryan Casper, is a journeyman machinist that has over 15 years of experience in machining. Ryan is also a journeyman millwright. His entire career has specialized in onsite machining. On site machining often involves disassembly and reassembly of machinery, having the two trades is an asset. Whether you have a small repair or a multi-unit project, Inline Machine Solutions has the experience you need!

IMS has had the opportunity to run the large turntables and bars owned by a Hydro-Electric Renewable company for many years. This company has trusted IMS to operate and maintain their equipment on site and to machine all embedded components in a hydroelectric facility to extremely precise tolerances.


Inline Machine Solutions adheres to a safe work environment. We are COMPLYWORKS certified, and are currently in the process of becoming ISN certified as well as getting our COR certification.  To be considered one of the safest contractors on your site is our number one goal! 

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